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Clumsy Bunny Geocoin - Löffel - glow i.t.dark XLE

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Design & history: Mietzecacherin

Each year in the weeks before Easter, the most powerful and spoon winners will be selected for the difficult job of Easter in the
Georg-Cacher-Rabbit School.
This year it has succeeded in spite of his clumsiness and Hoppel the ranks of egg carrier. And now the big day has arrived.
All bunnies have lined up at the starting line and dance around nervously from one foot to the other. Hoppel looks over to spoon that would widen before Bibi to make her beautiful eyes. Bibi is brushing her hair and tried excited at the last moment to get her coat in the form. Beside her Schnuffi is at the start of his is how could it be otherwise once again with his nose in the grass and * bam * the start oversleep.
Hoppel stumbles, but at the last second he starts up and runs off as fast as he can.
He runs through meadows and fields and now fights his way through the forest. But then it happened, the bunny falled over a root and the content of his eggs basket distributed through the woods. Frantically, he collects everything he can find and hopping frantically out of the forest. After a few hours Hoppel has hidden the contents of his basket for the children in the gardens and makes exhausted on the way back to the rabbits city.

It's Easter Sunday and the small Chantal is excite with her basket at the front door. When Dad outputs the signal, she storms off and sits a few seconds later crying on the lawn of the front yard. Sobbing, she holds her father film cans labeled "Power Trail rabbits forest .... No" under the nose and shouts "but I wanted was a EiPhone ..."

Hoppel - RE
Löffel - XLE 50
Schnuffi - XLE 50
Bibi - XLE 50
Trackable on with its own icon

Size: 50 mm x 43 mm