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draKUHla Geocoin LE 80 - PinkKUHla

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draKUHla Geocoin LE 80 - PinkKUHla

It's getting dark ... clouds chasing each other across the sky and you hear in the distance a deep rumble of thunder. You walk along a dirt road ... do not know exactly where you are. Yet it does not rain, but it can not last much longer. You need a place where you can insinuate yourself; possibly spend the night. It flashes and you see the schemes of an old castle. Creepy ... but probably dry. Slowly you approach the goal ... the first drops fall. Behind some windows shines light through the opaque curtains. The castle is inhabited. Cautiously you press the knocker ... you hear steps ... the door is opened ..........

Trackable on with its own icon

Size: 50 mm x 46 mm