Geocaching Logbook - small
Geocaching Logbook - small
Preview: Geocaching Logbook - small
Preview: Geocaching Logbook - small

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Simon the Seahorse Travel Tag
Are you ready to giddy up to those underwater T5s?
No one can find them quite like Simon!  
This fun little trackable is ready to awkwardly swim standing up to caches all over the geocaching world!

The Simon the Seahorse Cache Buddy Travel Tag is trackable at with a unique icon.

Dimensions:  Approximately 2 inches tall.
7,50 EUR
Petling with FTF Cover - green
The petling is an absolute classic among geocaching cans and when properly screwed absolutely waterproof.
This green version of the micro-cache comes with a black FTF lid and has a total length of approx. 14 cm.
0,80 EUR
Small Aluminum Capsule - flecktarn
Lightweight, durable aluminum capsule in camouflage. Waterproof rubber ring.

External dimensions: approx 5.5 cm high and 1.4 cm diameter
Key Ring: about 2.5 cm in diameter
2,20 EUR
Logbook with PETling - 12 cm
A logbook in 12cm PETling

The envelope is coated with a matt laminate and the title page has space for the cache name. It is closed with an green FTF lid.

Size logbook:
Length: 7.5 cm
Width: 1.5 cm
Height: 0.8 cm

Size PETling:
Length: 12 cm
Color: clear
1,60 EUR
Travel Bug Car Decal - black

This Travel Bug Car Decal will turn your vehicle into a travel bug!

The ultimate traveling bug!
9,00 EUR