GREEN 3/4" x 3/4" Mini Sticker 8 pk

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Cuboid Magnet 30 x 6 x 3 mm

Strong Neodymium Cuboid Magnet  Nickel, 30 x 6 x 3 mm.  Nickel-plated

Strength: 3.1 kg

1,60 EUR
Repair tissue band silver - 48mm x 50m
Durable and tear-resistant fabric repair tape for optimal outdoor use. Due to the weather resistance and very good adhesion, the tape is, for example, for camouflaging the cache container, attach magnets to cache containers, etc.

Dimensions: 48mm x 50m
6,50 EUR
Green 4"x 4" Geocaching Logo Vinyl Decal
Green 4"x 4" Geocaching Logo Vinyl Decal
4,50 EUR
China Kladde A7 - red
The classic China notebook with a sturdy cover is known as a logbook to most cachers and is ideal for small to medium sized caches.

With 96 checkered pages, the China Kladde offers plenty of space for log entries.
1,40 EUR
Logbook with PETling - 12 cm
A logbook in 12cm PETling

The envelope is coated with a matt laminate and the title page has space for the cache name. It is closed with an green FTF lid.

Size logbook:
Length: 7.5 cm
Width: 1.5 cm
Height: 0.8 cm

Size PETling:
Length: 12 cm
Color: clear
1,60 EUR
Small - Cachebehälter Set - 180 ml
The set consists of a Lock & Lock Box (180 ml), a logbook, pencil and a weatherproof sticker.
5,95 EUR