Groundspeak Travel Bug - Set of 4

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Wookiee the Puppy Travel Tag
Wookiee the Puppy loves to chew shoes, that's why taking him out caching keeps him out of mischief. This tag is for all those geocachers who love to take their dog geocaching. He would love to tag along. All Cache Buddies are made of aluminum, just like travel bugs and come with a chain so that it may be attached to another item. 
Wookie the Puppy measures just under 2".

This tag is trackable at with its own unique icon.
7,50 EUR
Willi die kleine Raupe Geocoin XLE 40 - red
Mostly they lead a hidden life, marked by only one ... eating ... eating ... eating. Willi the little caterpillar is a bit different. He enjoys life in color and likes to show himself in the green grass. With all his kinship, he also likes to visit you and you do not need to be afraid ... he does not eat everything away ;)

Trackable at with its own icon

Size: 40mm x 36 mm
10,00 EUR
The little Duck GeoPoin - gold
When my friends saw me for the first time with the swim ring, they all smiled. That made me a bit sad, because in fact I can swim, of course. By now they all want a swimming ring .... because they have realized that it is totally relaxing to drift

Matching pin to the GeoPoin series

size: 30 x 24 mm
6,00 EUR