Nano Cache Replacement Logs (10 pcs)

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Geocaching Travel Bug® Decal - silver
Instantly make anything trackable with this Geocaching Travel Bug® decal!

Every Geocaching Travel Bug® tracking number gets its own page on where you can keep track of its movements or discoveries.
9,00 EUR
Adventure Lab® Geocoin
These attractive geocoins will be a great addition to your collection, or send them out to spread the love of Adventure Labs, one geocache at a time!  

The Adventure Lab® Geocoin is trackable at with a unique icon. 

Dimensions:  Approximately 2 inches wide x 1.5 inches high
16,90 EUR
Micro Tube-Geocache - black
The container is made of aluminum and has a lid with suspension. The container is also provided with a rubber sealing ring, so that the cache and the log always stay nice and dry.
These tube cache cases are labeled "OFFICIAL GEOCACHE" and the Cummunity logo.

The diameter is about 2.2cm, the height is 5.2cm.

3,00 EUR
Snowman GeoPoin - gray
The name GeoPoin came from an idea, as it should not be a micro-coin or pin but a cheap alternative to Coins & Co to send trackables on trips. Due to their small size they fit into smaller cache containers. The production, appearance and thickness of about 1.2 mm is like a pin, but without the pin on the back. The size is like a micro coin, but a different production and thickness. The production of 2 colored pages is not given here and should not be done.

Each Geopoin has its own tracking number with the prefix GPxxxx and a GeoPoin icon

This cute snowman is looking forward to exploring the wide world.

Size: 30mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
6,00 EUR