Colop Mini-Logstamp 15x6mm
Colop Mini-Logstamp 15x6mm
Preview: Colop Mini-Logstamp 15x6mm
Preview: Colop Mini-Logstamp 15x6mm

This product is compatible with (for example):

Replacement pad Colop Printer 05 Mini-Logstamp
Colored original replacement pad for Colop Printer 05 in different imprint colors. Colop replacement pads are electronically colored and offer the highest color intensity and impression quality. The pillow change is a clean thing, just push out the old pillow and use the new!
2,80 EUR

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Date stamp with text
Log and apply the current date at the same time. No problem with the Printer 52-Dater from Colop. The current date can be set using gears and is printed in the selected pad color when the stamp is printed. Above and below the date, the stamp offers an area for a text.

The stamp with a rectangular area leaves an impression of 20 x 30mm.

Stamp size: 8 x 4.5 x 3.5 cm
21,95 EUR
Poncho, vinyl, OD green
two press buttons on the sides
transport bag
seams welded

Material: 100 % chlorofibre (PVC)
Size: 200 x 127 cm, 0,12 mm
5,00 EUR
5 x Logbook with PETling
Logbook in 12,5cm PETling.

The envelope is coated with a matt laminate and the title page has space for the cache name. It is closed with an green FTF lid.

Size logbook:
Length: 7.5 cm
Width: 1.5 cm
Height: 0.8 cm

Size PETling:
Length: 12,5 cm
Color: clear
7,50 EUR
1,50 EUR per