Edding UV Marker Pen

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Geocaching Magazin Nr. 4 / 2012
only in german writing
4,70 EUR
Geocaching Magazin Nr. 6 / 2019
only in german writing
4,70 EUR
Security camera dummy
This fake camera looks deceptively real. The housing is an authentic replica of a 360 ° dome surveillance camera.

Dummy: Faithful replica of an all-round camera
Built-in lens replica
Light, semi-transparent plastic housing, rotatable insert
Can be positioned as desired, also screwed tight
Dimensions: diameter approx. 87 mm, height approx. 58 mm
12,95 EUR
Willi die kleine Raupe Geocoin XLE 40 - blue
Mostly they lead a hidden life, marked by only one ... eating ... eating ... eating. Willi the little caterpillar is a bit different. He enjoys life in color and likes to show himself in the green grass. With all his kinship, he also likes to visit you and you do not need to be afraid ... he does not eat everything away ;)

Trackable at www.geocaching.com with its own icon

Size: 40mm x 36 mm
10,00 EUR