Edding UV Marker Pen

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Binding wire - 50m
Simple binding wire for crafting and attaching caches. 50m galvanized on a wire spool, 0.7mm.
2,95 EUR
Set of 3 PET-Preforms
A classic cache container in a pack of three. These Preforms are 12cm long and will be supplied with a gray FTF-Cap, which makes the certain click, when opening the first time. Absolutly waterproof and robust. 
1,95 EUR
Stamp with adjustable date and Nickname
Now you can log with your own stamp and you will have the date printed on your log at the same time. The date can be chosen by turning the small rack-weels on the under side.
The stamp area has size of 23x15mm. Date and text have the same colour. 
14,50 EUR