IN VINO VERITAS Geocoin - red wine
IN VINO VERITAS Geocoin - red wine
Preview: IN VINO VERITAS Geocoin - red wine
Preview: IN VINO VERITAS Geocoin - red wine

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One Million Waymarks Geocoin
The One Million Waymarks Geocoin is trackable at with a unique icon.
Dimensions:  Approximately 1.75 inches x 2 inches.
18,95 EUR
White Duck Geocoin
Diese Coin ist eine Kreation von Monika Koniaris (Desert Snow) in Zusammenarbeit mit Total wurden zwischen 2013 und 2016 3 Batches mit total 17 Versionen produziert.

Trackable auf mit eigenem Icon.

Größe: 50 mm
13,00 EUR
All I Need is Coffee Geocoin - Latte Machiato
Einmal Kaffee bitte ??
Milch und Zucker ??
Klar warum nicht….
So entstand die Idee unser 3 kleinen Kaffebohnen die wir in den Editionen Cappuccino, Latte Machiato oder Espresso versucht haben umzusetzen.

Trackable at with its own icon

size: 50mm
13,00 EUR
Snowman GeoPoin - pink glitter
The name GeoPoin came from an idea, as it should not be a micro-coin or pin but a cheap alternative to Coins & Co to send trackables on trips. Due to their small size they fit into smaller cache containers. The production, appearance and thickness of about 1.2 mm is like a pin, but without the pin on the back. The size is like a micro coin, but a different production and thickness. The production of 2 colored pages is not given here and should not be done.

Each Geopoin has its own tracking number with the prefix GPxxxx and a GeoPoin icon

This cute snowman is looking forward to exploring the wide world.

Size: 30mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
6,00 EUR
Disc Magnet - 8 mm x High 4 mm

Neodymium Disc Magnet  Nickel.
Fits perfectly in Nano Cache Container.

Dimensions: 8 mm x 4 mm
Material: NdFeB, N45
Surface: Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Max. Temperature: 80 ° C
Weight: 1,5 g
Strength: 1.6 kg

0,60 EUR
Disc Magnet - 12 mm x High 4 mm

Neodymium Disc Magnet  Nickel, 12 mm Ø x High 4 mm.  N45, Nickel-plated

1,10 EUR