Small Cache Label - Urban Camo

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Little Seahorse Geocoin - pink glitter
A unique creature in the underwater world has seen the light of day with us.
It is known not only as a swimming badge but also as a Celtic sign of the zodiac (May 13 to June 9).
Would you like to give the little seahorse a new home?

Trackable on

Size: 50mm
12,00 EUR
Nesting box - Birdhouse
This nest box made of pine wood is ideal as a geocaching hideaway. Inside there is room for a nice tin. The bird house is protected from rain by a tin roof. The front can be folded upwards.

So the cache fits perfectly into the environment.

We recommend closing the entry hole from the inside so that the bird house is not used by birds as a nesting site.

Size: 12 x 16 x 25cm
16,95 EUR
Nano Cache Replacement Logs (4 pcs)
This pre-rolled log sheets are made with Rite in the Rain® paper, and it includes a metal bar which makes it easier to remove.

Each order will get 4 log books.

size: 350 mm x 7 mm
2,50 EUR
0,63 EUR per