Waterproof Log Stripes - 5 Pack (20 mm wide)
Waterproof Log Stripes - 5 Pack (20 mm wide)
Preview: Waterproof Log Stripes - 5 Pack (20 mm wide)
Preview: Waterproof Log Stripes - 5 Pack (20 mm wide)

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5 x Logbook with PETling
Logbook in 12,5cm PETling.

The envelope is coated with a matt laminate and the title page has space for the cache name. It is closed with an green FTF lid.

Size logbook:
Length: 7.5 cm
Width: 1.5 cm
Height: 0.8 cm

Size PETling:
Length: 12,5 cm
Color: clear
7,50 EUR
1,50 EUR per
Micro Tube-Geocache - camo (set of 4)
The container is made of aluminum and has a lid with suspension. The container is also provided with a rubber sealing ring, so that the cache and the log always stay nice and dry.
These tube cache cases are labeled "OFFICIAL GEOCACHE" and the Cummunity logo.

The diameter is about 2.2cm, the height is 5.2cm.

10,00 EUR
2,50 EUR per
Bamboo the Panda Travel Tag

Bamboo can always been found within caches in large overgrowth - especially those close to bamboo trees. Although he can be found munching on bamboo, he also loves to hide in mountainous caches.

All Cache Buddies are made of aluminum, just like travel bugs, and come with a chain so that it may be attached to another item. Bamboo the Panda measures just under 2".

This tag is trackable at www.geocaching.com with its own unique icon

7,50 EUR
5 x Petling with FTF Cover - green
The petling is an absolute classic among geocaching cans and when properly screwed absolutely waterproof.
This green version of the micro-cache comes with a black FTF lid and has a total length of approx. 14 cm.
3,80 EUR
0,76 EUR per