Cuboid Magnet 30 x 6 x 3 mm

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Post Tin XXL
The post tin XXL is perfect as a cover for your cache, muggel safe and waterproof. It fits perfectly on the tubes of the standard EU posts (60 mm) and traffic signs in public areas. The set consists of cap, anti-slip protection with thread and XL petling.

9,95 EUR
Official Medium RITR - 24 Sheet All Weather Logbook
The 24 sheet logbook measures 3.25" x 4.5" and is sized to fit a wide range of larger cache containers.

The front cover has the logo, a place for the cache name, waypoint, GC code and contact information.
The back of the logbook has basic Geocaching trail etiquette along with general information about the game.

Inside are 12 double-sided lined sheets (24 pages total) of "Rite in the Rain" all-weather paper.
7,90 EUR
GREEN 3/4" x 3/4" Mini Sticker 8 pk
These green geocaching mini stickers look great on logbooks, GPS units, and almost everything else related to geocaching.
Each individual sticker measures 3/4" x 3/4"
These stickers are sold 8 to a sheet, so when you buy one, you get 8 individual stickers! 
2,50 EUR
Repair tissue band silver - 48mm x 50m
Durable and tear-resistant fabric repair tape for optimal outdoor use. Due to the weather resistance and very good adhesion, the tape is, for example, for camouflaging the cache container, attach magnets to cache containers, etc.

Dimensions: 48mm x 50m
6,50 EUR
Green 4"x 4" Geocaching Logo Vinyl Decal
Green 4"x 4" Geocaching Logo Vinyl Decal
4,50 EUR
5 x Petling with FTF Cover - 13,5 cm
Thanks to its robustness and water resistance, this classic among geocaching cans is an ideal microcache.
The petling is closed with a black FTF lid.
3,50 EUR
Nano Cache - Silver

The Nano Cache container has a magnet inside and can thus be easily hidden in metallic places.
A sealing ring makes the Nano waterproof.

Height: 17 mm
Diameter: 15 mm

ATTENTION: This nano does not fit in our cap nuts
Compatible logbooks please order separately.

Nano Cache Replacement Logs (4 pcs)
Nano Cache Replacement Logs (10 pcs)

2,95 EUR