Cuboid Magnet 40 x 12 x 6 mm

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2 x Lock & Lock Box - 180 ml
Lock & Lock boxes are 100% airtight and watertight.

The lid is secured with four security locking and can not open by itself.

Due to the special silicone ring in the lid, hold the boxes, even after prolonged use, yet absolutely tight.

108 x 88 x 48 mm
6,50 EUR
3,25 EUR per
Nano Cache - Brown

Has a built-in magnet in the base so that it may be hidden in a variety of locations. Perfect for urban geocaching!

Has an O ring to help keep water out.

Container Dimensions: 7/16" tall by 5/16" in diameter.

Compatible logbooks please order separately.

Nano Cache Replacement Logs (4 pcs)
Nano Cache Replacement Logs (10 pcs)

2,95 EUR
Waterproof Geocache Box - Black
Waterproof plastic box in black that does not harm moisture and rain. For secure closing the box has 2 clips on the front side. A seal at the opening prevents the ingress of rainwater. The fastening cord can also be removed.

Dimensions: 186 x 120 x 42 mm
16,95 EUR
Nesting box - Birdhouse
This nest box made of pine wood is ideal as a geocaching hideaway. Inside there is room for a nice tin. The bird house is protected from rain by a tin roof. The front can be folded upwards.

So the cache fits perfectly into the environment.

We recommend closing the entry hole from the inside so that the bird house is not used by birds as a nesting site.

Size: 12 x 16 x 25cm
15,90 EUR